Psd2Tga script for Photoshop

Free script for Photoshop, which exports the groups from PSD into separate TGA files.
All you have to do is to mark the group, which you want to export, with a special prefix in its name.

Short description how to use it:
  - Create a document and save it. For example "MyGreatTexture.PSD"
  - Group layers. For example: "<* Diffuse" and "<2 Normal".
  - Run script.
That's all. You can find two files in directory with original PSD file: "MyGreatTexture_D.tga" and "MyGreatTexture_N.tga". Notice, the first file will have alpha-channel and second will be reduced for half dimension comparing to the original.

All prefixes:
  < - Export this group into a separate file. It should always be the first character in the group name.
  * - Export group with alpha-channel.
  2 - Export with downscale to 2. Available range: 2-9
  # - Convert this group to alpha-channel. It should always be the first character. Other prefixes will be ignored.

  - In case export with alpha-channel if original file don't have the alpha-channel, it will be white.
  - if you marked some group by "#" and original psd have alpha-channel, it will be replaced only in the exported tga.

Download script